Physician Advisors

COHE Physician Advisors are experts in clinical care or occupational medicine and are a resource to our COHE providers in the treatment of injured workers.  Current Advisors specialize in occupational medicine, chiropractic care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as minor emergency.

The Advisors serve COHE providers in a number of capacities, including:

  • Mentoring: being available to help educate & coach COHE providers on best practices in cases with complex barriers to treatment & return to work.
  • Multidisciplinary Care Coordination: assisting with the care coordination with COHE providers, auxiliary care, and health services coordinators to reduce disability risks.
  • Referrals: accepting referrals for specialty consultations and second opinions from COHE providers
  • Return To Work: identifying and addressing barriers to return to work.

How can I contact an Advisor?

A list of our Advisors including specialty, practice location, and contact information can be found here Physician Advisors List.  If you are a COHE provider contacting an Advisor, please indicate that you are utilizing them in their role as an Advisor to ensure appropriate protocols and appropriate billing.

If you are unsure as to the best plan of care for your patient or whether a referral to an Advisor would be appropriate, your local Health Services Coordinator (HSC) is available to assist.

Is Reimbursement Available?

Both referring providers and Advisors are eligible for reimbursement when a claim is referred to an Advisor for:

  • Case Conference to coordinate medical care
    • Both providers complete a conference report and bill appropriate CPT code
  • Completing an Impediments to Return to Work assessment (a COHE best practice)
    • Referring provider bills 1070M code after referral
    • Advisor bills 1067M code (with varying modifier based on complexity) after assessment

More information on billing codes and reimbursement rates can be found on the COHE Fee Schedule (2019-2020) or by contacting your local HSC.

Interested in Becoming an Advisor?

We are constantly looking for additional Advisors to serve the provider communities in Eastern Washington.  For more information, please contact your local HSC or the main COHE office at 509.456.3222

Note: Physician Advisors do not contract directly with COHE, but submit a supplemental application to L&I for approval as an Advisor.


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