COHE Highlights

Congratulations to Pete Phillips, Heath Services Coordinator at COHE Wenatchee! 

Pete Integrity Award 2019

Pete was nominated by his peers and awarded the St. Luke's Excellence in Rehab Integrity value award at the annual luncheon. His peers say that “Pete exemplifies every statement about integrity. He is always communicating and addressing issues when they arise. He is not afraid to ask questions or give suggestions and creates a win-win situation whenever possible. Peter has been very helpful in building a rapport with providers, third party administrators, employers of injury and all stakeholders when working with injured workers.  Awesome work Pete!”

In addition, several other COHE team members were nominated for exemplifying St. Luke's core values in the following categories:


  • Amy Anderson
  • Pattie Frazier
  • Katherine Woodfield


  • Chaylee Piger
  • Carmen RiveraCOHE team 25


  • Lisa Archer
  • Pattie Frazier
  • Kari Isaak
  • Kathy Woodfield


  • Pattie Frazier
  • Pete Phillips – winner!

Rookie of the Year:

  • Tiffany Elkins 

Congratulations everyone!

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