Emergency Department New Provider Orientation Best Practices

Thank you for your interest in COHE of Eastern Washington and to your commitment to caring for injured workers in Washington State. The entire COHE team is excited to partner with you. COHE strives to reduce the risk of disability due to work-related injuries and also the costs associated with state fund claims. Over the years, we have developed a set of best practices to aid in achieving our goal.  Annually, our in-network providers are educated on the best practices as a refresher of the exceptional care that they provide to injured workers.


  Click on PDF and review orientation below (this is a printable version and you can click on the links while viewing presentation online)

  After reviewing the provider orientation, click on TAKE QUIZ link below

-   You will be redirected to ClassMarker

-   Enter your email address

-   Create Password

-   Retype Password, click start

-   Verify email address is correct, click Start

-   Enter your First name, last name, email address, NPI #, and all facilities you are with, Click start

  Quiz has 7 questions, all questions must be answered to finish quiz

-   Quiz has no time limit     

-   Quiz will allow you to save and finish at a later date, PDF can reviewed as many times as you’d like

-   Quiz allows for answers to go back and be changed    

-   Quiz will not let you finish with any questions unattempted and has to pass mark of 100%, click continue

-   The quiz will automatically notify COHE after completion of your annual education

-   Click and read the L&I Contract Supplemental Application

-   Click and review boxes agreeing to conditions of enrollment

-   Click and select the primary Practice Setting in which you work

-   Click and sign your name electronically to agree to abide by terms listed

-   Click Finish now and Confirm finish

-   Click on the feedback survey below the TAKE QUIZ link and provide feedback to help us serve you better 

For Emergency Department Providers Only

Take Quiz

Thank you for completing your orientation and COHE enrollment.


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