Provider Annual Training

COHE now offers an online annual training in lieu of the annual face to face meeting with your Health Service Coordinator.  Our goal is to make the annual training more convenient and accessible for all providers.  To receive full credit for the annual training please review the presentation below and click on the link for the quiz and attestation; this should take approximately 15 minutes.  If this is your first annual training you will need to contact your local HSC representative by calling 866-247-2643 to be enrolled as a COHE Provider.   


-   Click on PDF and review annual training below (this is a printable version and you can click on the links while viewing presentation)

  After reviewing the annual training presentation, click on TAKE QUIZ link below

-   You will be redirected to ClassMarker, click Start

-   Create your login, click Start

-   Verify email address, click Start

-   Enter name and facility, click Start

  Quiz has 4 questions, all questions must be answered to finish quiz

-   Quiz has no time limit     

-   Quiz must be finished in one sitting, PDF can reviewed as many times as you’d like

-   Quiz allows for answers to go back and be changed    

-   The quiz will automatically notify COHE after completion of your annual education

-   Click on the feedback survey and provide feedback to help us serve you better 


Take Quiz

Thank you for completing your annual education online.

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