PGAP (Activity Coaching)

What is the Progressive Goal Attainment Program?

The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) is a standardized, community-based intervention delivered by professionals such as occupational therapists or physical therapists who have been trained by the program.  PGAP is a life-role reintegration program designed to meet the needs of injured workers struggling with a wide range of medical and mental health conditions and the disability that can arise following injury or illness.  The goal of the program is to help patients recover by incrementally increasing their activity.

How does PGAP help patients?

  • Reducing psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress
  • Promoting re-integration into life-role activities
  • Increasing quality of life
  • Facilitating return to work
  • Preventing long-term disability

Clinical trials have supported the use of PGAP™ as a cost effective intervention for reducing disability associated with persistent pain. One study showed that participation in PGAP™ increased the probability of return to work following whiplash injury by more than 50% (Physical Therapy, 86, Jan 2006).

What is the treatment process?

  • The client and activity coach meet weekly, for approximately one hour, for a maximum of 10 weeks. (Meetings may be done via telephone or videoconference.)
  • The program’s initial stages focus on structured activity to help the client resume activities.
  • The program’s final stages focus on activities that facilitate re-integration into the workplace.

How can I refer a worker to the program?

Appropriate patients include injured workers struggling with musculoskeletal conditions, depression, and other debilitating conditions that are preventing them from participating in the return to work process.  Contact your local Health Services Coordinator (HSC) or the main COHE office to discuss if PGAP is right for your patient.

Additional Resources

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute has therapist staff trained in PGAP who are able to help patients recover from injury.  Click Here for more information.

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